You are a Vampire. Kindred. Blood-sucker. Undead. Immortal.

You are trying to survive in this World of Darkness. This gothic-punk world is controlled from the shadows by creatures like you. Staying out of the politics of the nightwalkers is nigh-impossible as you are pulled into a cold war of eternal struggle.

The blood of the 13 clans runs through your veins. Each clan has a weakness, one you are surely aware of.

There is nothing greater than the taste of blood. The Beast inside you reminds you every night.

You are vulnerable to sunlight, fire, faith and magic. All other things are legend and hearsay.

You are hunted by the victims of your actions, magi seeking power and the faithful out to bring hope and peace to you demonic influences. Werewolves prowl the wilderness beyond the city. Ghosts and spirits haunt places of despair.

Some of you asked for this Dark Gift. Others were forced into the Path of Blood. Only you can decide how and why you remain in-between Life and Death. Will you survive? Only if you are clever and lucky on these restless nights.

Vampire's FATE